catoPAN™ - A Comprehensive Software Solution for Parenteral Nutrition

catoPAN™ offers comprehensive software support for parenteral nutrition and thus it covers the entire process from the prescription to the list of drugs and supplies all the way to the preparation. The exact planning of individual nutrition solutions or the simplified prescription of pre-prepared products guarantee a high level of safety for the patients and an efficient link between physician and pharmacy.
catoPAN™ is a stand-alone application which uses the cato® database and therefore can be used as a module of cato®. It is also possible to use cato®'s complete interface functionality, such as e.g. the cato® HL7 or the cato® CDE interface.


"catoPAN™ improves the communication between the physicians and the pharmacy and it also enables the secure data transfer between the wards, the pharmacy and the preparation room. Essential is to me that catoPAN™ ensures the precise documentation of all steps.” 

Nadja Haiden, M.D. Associate Professor
of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology,
Medical University Vienna


catoPAN™ was created in close cooperation with our international customers. We would like to particulary thank Nadja Haiden, M.D. Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology, Medical University Vienna for her invaluable advice from the perspective of the physician-user.


Automatic dosage calculations, warnings and default values with definable nominal values, which can be saved, assist in avoiding mistakes being made in the prescription. The direct link to the pharmacy and the preparation as well as to the compounder guarantees the highest level of safety.

Therapy default plans, automatic dosage calculation and documentation help to save precious working time. Exact preparation instructions and list of drugs and supplies enable an ideal workflow of the preparation, both at the pharmacy and also directly at the ward.

All data, which are relevant for the nutrition, are available at any time in a clearly laid-out manner and they enable safe and yet adjustable planning. Any possible errors will be highlighted immediately and concisely; a corresponding adjustment of the prescription can be carried out easily.