In catoPAN™ the prescription is created according to the daily TPN of each patient, whereby a TPN can consist of any number of mixture bags or perfusion pumps. The physician can prescribe not only standard mixture bags using catoPAN™, but also individually calculated solutions based on patient data and lab results.


tipptThe break-down of the components takes place at the same time with an entry screen, which allows to keep a complete overview at all times. Any necessary overfills will simply be ordered along as a percentage value and will be considered by catoPAN™ during the preparation.
Safety is provided not only through exact calculations, but also through warnings if certain limits are exceeded. Erroneous prescriptions with too much volume or too high glucose concentrations are avoided.

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Defined defaults (even with assigned  maximum values) make the prescription process easier and quicker and at the same time increase safety.
Pre-defined maximum values (e.g. total volume) will be checked and saving is prevented if maximum values are exceeded. In addition, maximum values for the dosage of individual active ingredients can be stored.
Depending on the catheter used, the maximum glucose concentration is monitored in direct dependence on the possible dilution with water. This dilution, too, is automatically calculated – again depending on the total nominal volume.


Warnung3EThe ionic relationship between sodium and phosphorus as well as between potassium and phosphorus is as much monitored as the maximum concentration of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc in connection with adipose mixtures. The ordering in the pharmacy is carried out online by electronic release.