cato® - A Major Step Towards GMP

GMP compliant prescription and preparation of medications to be prepared individually for each patient (like cytotoxics) is a serious challenge for all persons involved. For example, there is need for thorough documentation of each single step, from therapy planning to production. To meet just these documentation requirements you would often need more resources than actually available. Moreover, you have to make sure that the preparation itself follows a clearly defined and validated path. Not only should each contingency be covered by your standard operating procedures, but should also be ensured that all staff members actually follow these procedures.


With cato®, many of these hot topics are suddenly not such a burden anymore. The automated documentation that comes with cato's® prescription and approval modules guarantees proper quality management right from the start. When it comes to the preparation the outstanding gravimetric preparation module gives you the opportunity to back-trace each step of the whole production with a single mouse click.

image002And, as cato® leads you through the preparation process by providing step-by-step instructions according to the results measured by the balance, a proper path of preparation is secured almost automatically. By doing all this, cato® can not only help to bridge the gap to GMP, but it also helps you to actually reduce costs in that challenging process.