cato® - In the Interest of Safety

The dosage and production of drugs for chemotherapy requires utmost precision. Therefore, users expect a secure software solution - one that is reliable, flexible and user-friendly.

What is cato®?

cato® is an integrated software solution for chemotherapy that provides support throughout all stages of therapy: from long-term therapy planning to concomitant therapy to the preparation of cytotoxic drugs and other critical substances. Using state-of-the-art database technology it can operate as a stand-alone application in small pharmacies as well as in large hospital networks linking up many different wards.

Therapy Planning

cato® is not an isolated solution. It enables users to take action wherever therapeutically relevant decisions are made. It allows attending physicians to plan therapies on a long-term basis. Physicians and pharmacists can design, and regularly consult, therapeutic protocols. Rules concerning dose modification and the deferral of therapy cycles can be included in these protocols and the resulting therapy plans.

Concomitant Therapy

Individual medication of a planned overall therapy can be approved by doctors and pharmacists. Dosages are either absolute or relative. Relative dosages may relate to any measured or computed diagnostic data (e.g., body weight, m2 of body surface area, or target AUC). Authorised users may also create formulas for computing new diagnostic data. The programme monitors patients' current diagnostic data at each stage and suggests a defined dose modification or the deferral of a cycle if there is a deviation in diagnostic data. cato® also monitors maximum doses and maximum cumulative doses.

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Volumetric Preparation

With cato® you are not restricted to one particular production mode. You are free to switch between gravimetric production (using scales) and volumetric production (without scales) whenever you want. The volumetric production module also allows you to print out instructions for production and labels and to save, during or after production, the substances and amounts used.

Gravimetric Preparation

cato® can control the preparation of cytotoxic and other drugs via electronic scales that are connected to the computer. The computer acts as an interactive assistant guiding the producer through the production process. Not a single user input is needed throughout the regular production process, ensuring an efficient and smooth workflow. At the same time cato® constantly monitors whether doses comply with the desired dose tolerances so that any reading errors and resulting wrong dosages are avoided. Weight identification of preparations provides additional safety. cato® also supports the use of barcode scanners. Any surplus substances remaining after production are managed by the programme and can be used for other preparations as long as their expiry date has not run out.


Both the production processes and the planning and prescription of every single medication are precisely and conclusively documented thanks to the fully integrated database design of cato®. A flexible billing system ensures both patient-related and ward-related cost allocation and billing.