cato® is not an isolated application but can be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of the hospital.

There are different methods of integration:

1. HL7: Health Level 7 (see e.g. is a world wide standard for exchanging medical data between different applications. cato® can for example exchange patient data or laboratory data by means of the HL7 standard. [read more...]
2. UCDI ("Universal Cato Data Interface"): The UCDI uses cato's® own XML-standard and enables for example the exchange of chemotherapy medication data.[read more...]
3. CDE (“Cato Data Export”): The CDE is used to export data (e.g. consumption data, patient therapy plans) into a file which can be read and imported by another application. [read more...]
4. Client Integration: Means an integration of the cato® client into some other (prescribing) software's user interface on the on the ward. [read more...]