As of March 11, 2013, we are proud to be part of BD Medical.(Press Release)

Cato Customer FAQs

Who is BD?

BD is a leading global medical technology company that develops, manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems and reagents. The Company is dedicated to improving people's health throughout the world. A key element of BD’s strategy is driving product value through innovation, especially by leveraging underappreciated solutions to address critical healthcare needs.  We believe that BD is fully aligned with CSS’s commitment to execute, innovate, and deliver more and better software solutions.


Why did BD acquire Cato Software Solutions?

The acquisition of Cato Software Solutions enables BD to expand its focus on reducing medication errors and improving workflow efficiencies and aligns well to their strategy of applying technology and clinical knowledge to make healthcare more effective, efficient and safe.


What does this mean to my service contract?

We want to assure you that all our services and software products will be provided without any interruption.  All current service contracts stay fully intact until further notice.


What does this mean to Cato, catoPAN software products?

All products are still available and with the additional resources of BD you can look forward to even more exciting products in the future.   


Will the people from Cato who are currently supporting us change?

No, your Cato service support team will stay the same.  Our ever-growing experienced team will continue to be at your service.


How will this impact CSS’s ability to meet my Pharmacy needs? 

BD and Cato Software Solutions’ combined capabilities will help bolster our collective efforts to help reduce medication errors and improve workflow efficiencies.  This will also allow us to more comprehensively support your Pharmacy needs. 


Do we have to take any actions as a result of this change?

No.  Organizationally we are business as usual.  The same methods of interacting with Cato Software Solutions are still intact and appropriate.  If and when there is a change related to the merger (i.e. new naming convention) you would be informed.